Thanks to Browns' Free Agent Frostee Rucker, Cleveland Finally Has a Kardashian Konnection


Word is leaking out of Berea that the Browns have finally inked an actual free agent, the Bengal's wonderfully named Frostee Rucker. (Not to gloat, but our sometimes sports expert P. Rogie proved his perspicacious worth yesterday by calling that shot — we've decided to up his pay from a six pack of Labatts to a six pack of Bud Light). The defensive end was a third round pick out of USC in 2006. Last year he racked up 44 tackles and four sacks — although, let's be honest, toss out the stats for a moment. The real juice on Frostee is he cuts a figure on the nightlife scene, so much so that he's a personal friend of Kourtney Kardashian.

We're not sure how the two are connected, although Rucker was a Trojan with Reggie Bush, who used to run with the callipygian Kardashian, Kim. Kourtney actually partied with Rucker in Cincinnati while she was taking a swing through Ohio in May 2009. This comes from the elder 'Dashian's online blog. It sounds like Frostee had some pull down in Cinny.

My friend Frostee Rucker plays football for the Cincinnati Bengals, so of course he showed us around his city. He’s the one who taught me about “Nasty Nati”.  He took us to a club called Blackfin Suite! This is where we got a little crazy! After that, we opened up a bar that was closed! Frostee knows the owners, so we were the only ones inside. Now this is where things get extra fun…Courtney and I went to White Castle for the first time ever! We absolutely loved it…ate two cheeseburgers each while sitting in bed talking!

Cincinnati we love you, we will be back…football20season maybe?

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