The Cleveland Guardians

Some people say the Cleveland Browns need a new head coach. Others say we need linemen that can block, a quarterback that throws to our players and quiet receivers who can catch the ball. Also some guys that can cover receivers and tackle runners. And someone that can kick a field goal. When you stop and think about it, maybe we could use all that, but I think the team name should take some of the blame. They've overhauled the team enough. All the personal and players that's been through Cleveland has been like a gold rush. And some executives, coaches and players left town with enough gold dust to choke a horse. Didn't do a bit of good. What this team needs is a new image. Browns? How bland is that? It's like describing doggy dumplings. And basically this is how this team has played since being resurrected. So instead of leaving those little dumplings all over the field, let's change the name to a more positive image and see what happens. We have to dump the dog pound too, because that doesn't exactly promote a winning image either. When someone says: "What a dog!" That's usually not a compliment. So any negative connotation has to go. Those uniforms and that orange helmet have to go too. Stick a traffic cone on your head and anybody can cover you. This team brings out enough moans, groans and ghastly laughs without Halloween reminders. I propose for the team name: "The Cleveland Guardians." It has a nice ring to it. The rooting section would be called: " The Posse." They could dress accordingly. The new team uniforms would be the colors of those signs we see in the yards of homes that tell you this home is protected so you better move on. That will tell the teams we play if you mess with our house, you're going to go down. Let's clean up those doggy dumplings in 2007. It's time for a new outlook. John Walter Smith Wooster
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