The Definition of 'Repeat Offender'


Take the basics of this story, in which William Thigpen shoplifts from his local Sheetz and proceeds not to make a getaway, but instead head to the bathroom to enjoy the bounty of his score and duplicate them, and you'll have the new story that has William Thigpen back in the news.

The basics, as a refresher: A local store, beer, a bathroom, and stuff he didn't pay for.

According to 19 Action News, this time Thigpen lifted a beer from the shelves of a Rite-Aid and absconded to the restroom to guzzle the sweet stolen nectar. He was arrested on July 1, but will somehow only serve three days in jail for his latest stick-fingers incident, whereas he served 42 days for the Sheetz theft.

This is his 14th shoplifting offense.

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