The Don't Draft Brady Quinn Movement

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Maybe Browns fans believe too much in democracy. That could explain why the team’s been as well-run as the country for the last eight years. Last season, they started three online petitions to fire then-offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon. Carthon bailed soon after, and his replacement, Jeff Davidson, tanked even bigger. But Davidson didn’t wait for his own web-based deathwatch. He’s now ruining – er, running -- the Carolina Panthers’ offense. With Saturday’s draft looming, more fans are trying to wedge themselves into the Browns war room. John Robinson started Don’t Draft Brady because, well, he’s “100% against the Cleveland Browns selecting Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn with their first round pick.” “A couple of us were sitting around one day, talking draft,” he says, “and we concluded Quinn would be the worst choice at No. 3. Once we saw webhosting only cost ten bucks a month, we were off.” The site, literally, is an effigy. Robinson posts only the most negative news about Quinn, and peppers all the punditry with a homoerotic photo gallery. There’s even a page identifying which teams Browns fans could safely begin following, “should the unthinkable happen.” And yes, there’s another petition. Total signatures to date: 179. “We’re not naïve enough to think that we can change anyone’s mind in Berea,” says Robinson. “At this point, all we can do is sit back and hope the recent rhetoric is a smokescreen.” Some of that rhetoric, unfortunately, infiltrates the venerable Peter King’s column at “In many cities, the draft is bigger than the Super Bowl. Think about it: What engenders more hype, say, in Cleveland: a game your team's rarely in, or the prospect of taking a matinee-idol Notre Dame quarterback tutored by the same guy who made Tom Brady ... Tom Brady? Well, duhhhh.” – Jason Nedley

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