The Dwarf from Star Wars Episode II Says Matthew Fox “Beats Woman,” As Clevelanders Know

In internet speak, they call this a bro-down.
  • In internet speak, they call this a "bro-down."

. . . Or was he the centaur from Lord of the Rings? We're a little shaky on the details. Anyway, Dominic Monaghan, one of the actors having all that weird gnome sex on Dr. Who, also spent a good long stretch in TV land on Lost, where he played the bald-headed paraplegic named after a 17th century political philosopher who has special powers. Obviously, that means he shared a lot of screen time with Matthew Fox, but the production didn't seem to cement a friendship between the two.

While taking Twitter questions this week, Monaghan threw his co-star under the bus with the following exchange described by the Daily Beast:

“He beats women. No thanks.” When the fan, @omggbeccaa, responded to his tweet by writing, “What about all those good times you had together?” Monaghan was unperturbed: “How do you know we ever did? You don’t know either of us. He beats women. Not isolated incidents. Often.”

Monaghan, facing the ire of disbelieving Fox fans, got a little dickish, explaining the law, or as it runs in Narnia.

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