The Good Life of Frank Russo (Updated)

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Whaddya wanna know? I got a massage scheduled this afternoon, so lets make it quick.
  • Whaddya wanna know? I got a massage scheduled this afternoon, so let's make it quick.

Update: Everyone seems to want to chat with Frank Russo. The PD, taxpayers, us, and now WKYC.

The station sent The Investigator to talk with the former auditor about his life as a free snitch. It did not go well. Some details from WKYC's investigative Investigator report:

Channel 3 News undercover cameras spotted Russo partying and having a good time at the Twist, a popular nightclub on Clifton near W. 117th Street.

Those who are close to Russo say he's a regular.

Russo has also been seen eating out at a number of local restaurants, including one in Tremont where a patron demanded to know why he wasn't in prison while Jimmy Dimora was.


"How do you afford to eat out and go to nightclubs when you owe the government millions?" asked Meyer.

"I'm here to do a job, not to talk to you," Russo said.

"Stop being so mean and stop being cruel to human beings."

Video below that includes WKYC's undercover shots of Russo at Twist. Scandalous.

"Stop being so mean."

The Investigator kind of comes off like a prick, too.


The Plain Dealer tried to check in with former Auditor and current government rat Frank Russo to see what he's been up to and yes, when he's not being abruptly interrogated outside of Grumpy's by taxpayers, he's just roaming around doing his thing.

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