The Juvenile Justice Center Doesn't Have Clocks Yet

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Installment No. 37,169 in the money-pit escapades of Cuyahoga County's sparkling new, never quite finished $189 million Juvenile Justice Center: there are no clocks yet.

That fantastic tidbit comes from Tipoff, where Michael McIntyre writes when he's not busy hosting Sound of Ideas. He reports Juvi court officials visited the Cuyahoga County Council budget hearing to let them know what was still missing from the gold-plated palace.

"There were no clocks," said Judge Thomas O'Malley. "It was kind of bare bones."

No clocks. No plastic chair pads. [snip] The court requested a budget of $54.1 million, nearly $300,000 more than recommended to the council by the county executive's office.

Can't we just repo a couple dozen clocks from Jimmy Dimora's house?

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