The lament of a Browns fan

Well, here we go again, in the midst of yet another dismal Browns season -- for the eighth year in a row since its "resurrection," if you can call it that. But, one bright spot in the Browns organization is its marketing department. Hooray!! Something to cheer about -- if you work in that department, or for the Browns organization in general. If Vince Lombardi trophies were awarded to NFL marketing departments, the Browns would win year after year. Management knows it could pack Cleveland Browns Stadium with suckers, er, I mean, fans, even if it fielded the Three Stooges, the Seven Dwarfs and had Snow White as quarterback -- provided they were wearing brown and orange uniforms. Coach Romeo Crennel never landed a head coaching job in the NFL until he was closing in on 60 years of age. Sixty freakin' years old, for chrissakes!!! Football genius Bill Belichick -- three-time Super Bowl winner -- was 39 when he became head coach of the Browns in '91. Thirty-nine, for chrissakes!!! Hello-oh!!! A huge red flag should have sprung up automatically with the revelation of Crennel's age and lack of head coaching experience in the NFL. Obviously, other teams that had interviewed Crennel did not see in him the savvy and gravitas needed for a head coach to be successful. And, of course, he is proving it with the Browns, thank you very much. But Browns owner Randy Lerner and the men and women in the marketing department really didn't care about Crennel being passed over by other teams. The fact that he came from the staff of Belichick's Super Bowl champion New England Patriots was all that mattered. Lerner and Browns marketers knew that cachet was sufficient to suck in the suckers who fooled themselves into thinking Crennel's Super Bowl experience would lead the Browns to a Super Bowl. Ahhh-ha-ha. Ahhh-ha-ha. What a joke, and the laugh is on the fleeced fans. Lerner and the Browns marketing personnel must be chuckling all the way to the bank at those dolts who--year after year--have allowed their wallets to be vacuumed clean by the ticket office. Will the fans ever wise up and ignore the Browns?! Not likely. The front office and marketers will continue with their sleight-of-hand and smoke-and-mirrors ruses -- and be successful financially, if not on the field of play, thanks to the high-paying suckers and high television ratings that lead to multi-million dollar TV contracts. If the team wants to succeed on the field, it needs a smart head coach like Belichick unencumbered by another Art Modell, along with a shrewd judge of talent similar to New York Giants General Manager Ernie Acorsi -- who, like Belichick, is an alumnus of the Browns organization. Louis H. Pumphrey Shaker Heights
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