The Most Honest DUI Suspect Ever

Why no, officer, I cant walk in a straight line.
  • Why no, officer, I can't walk in a straight line.

Usually when you are intoxicated and pulled over by a cop, you try everything in your power to hide what is happening. Mints, cigarettes, pop, coffee — anything in reach to hide the stink on your breath. And you probably take a few seconds to compose yourself, try to focus your eyes straight, and gather all the energy you can summon to make sure words come out clear and correct.

If, however, you are beyond the point of pretending, you might just call it a day, refuse to talk, refuse to take a breathalyzer, and avoid incriminating yourself anymore than you already have.

Rarely, if ever, does a suspect say, "Yeah, oh hell yeah, I've been drinking, and there's probably some drugs in my car, too," but that's exactly what the Lorain Morning Journal says one 25-year-old did when he was pulled over for a suspected DUI in Elyria. Soak in the glorious details with us.

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