The NFL Now Thinks the Browns Might Not Go 0-16


The NFL released the 2012 regular season schedule earlier this week. For some reason, it was a big thing despite the fact everyone already knew who everyone was playing, just not in what order.

Anyway, baseless predictions and endless, pointless banter from the bottomless sphincter that is sports media isn't the point here. (Though one local station did devote an entire two-hour show to discussing it. These people are employed and paid money. Just think about that.)

The point was the official analysis of the schedule. Each team's page featured a little summary where vacuous cliched analysis like "Tough road ahead, but this team is gritty and knows how to win" plastered above the dates and times.

When the Browns' page went live, it didn't look like what you see above. Instead, it said this:

Let’s play “Find the win so the Browns can avoid going 0-16.” They’ll be huge underdogs in every game they play against much more talented teams except for these two: an away tilt at Indianapolis in October, where Andrew Luck may have his sea legs under him; and a home game against the Redskins in mid-December. Cleveland could realistically be 0-13 headed into that one.

Even the league thinks we suck. By late Wednesday, that had changed. Fun times.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled pre-draft hysteria.

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