The Party of Perverts

Though Republican leaders like to bag on fags, it might be wise to never trust people so obsessed with the sexual activity of another man. Introducing Florida congressman Mark Foley. He actually founded the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus. That's like hiring John Mark Karr to babysit. But he had to resign after he was caught sending flirtatious emails to a 16-year-old boy who worked in his office. Hey, at least Clinton was into chicks. And they were over 18. The Foley case has a familiar ring, since it parallels the private doings of Summit County's own Republican boss, Alex Arshinkoff, who frequents campaigns against homos by day and paws at them like a lonely sailor by night. It seems the Party of Moral Values is being hosted by the Whore of Babylon. -- Kevin Hoffman
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