The Plain Dealer: Introducing You To Shit You’ve Known About Since 1994

In part 4,354 of its continuing series, “Introducing You To Shit You’ve Known About Since 1994,” The Plain Dealer has discovered mixed martial arts. For the six people who hadn’t heard of the sport, The PD included a helpful info box titled, “What is ultimate fighting?” Never mind that ultimate fighting’s been popular for 15 years. Or that, according to The PD’s own story, the Ohio Athletic Commission has sanctioned more mixed martial-arts fights than boxing matches since the MMA were recognized in 2004. Or that a few months back, 19,000 fans shelled out $2.7 million to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship in Columbus, netting the commission more money than it’s ever made from an event. A spokesman for The PD said editors were unavailable for comment, since they were busy working on tomorrow’s big story, “Fishing: Catching Stuff From Water Has Become Popular New Pastime.” – Joe P. Tone
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