The Price of “Easter” In an Egg Hunt: $500


Brightly-colored plastic eggs hidden and hunted, delighted youngsters romping through the park with candy rewards; the scene is the definitive sign of spring in communities everywhere. For the first time, an egg romp will be held in Geauga County’s tiny Munson Township this year.

The problem? Controversy over naming the event has gone national. When Township Trustees first called the event a “Spring Egg Hunt” there was backlash. Some citizens balked and national organizations like the Mississippi-based American Family Association alerted members and started petition drives urging the town to “reverse its decision to censor ‘Easter.’”

“The press has been overwhelming,” says Munson Township Trustee Chairman Irene McMullen. “We thought it would be more of a controversy on whether to give candy to young children.” Besides, there was nothing to reverse, considering there had never been a previous egg hunt there to name, she tells Scene.

Nonetheless, Tuesday night McMullen will make a motion to officially name the new children’s party the “Easter Egg Hunt.” Why? Because a resident offered to foot the bill—estimated at $500—if the Trustees call it that.

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