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Off-Color Reference Desk: Cuyahoga County Public Library institutes new social media policy banning use of obscene language. Ruling unclear on tweets about the book Fuck: Word Taboo and Protecting Our First Amendment Liberties.

Sexually Indeterminate Spartans: In order to provide equal opportunity to serve as mascot, Case Western Reserve debuts new “gender neutral” costume. Coincidentally, “gender neutral” also the phrase most often used to describe actual Case students.

Ohio Gets Jobbed: During a speech in Cleveland, JobsOhio honcho Mark Kvamme confirms the state is close to its “iPod moment.” Attendees assume this will preempt Cleveland’s long-awaited “8-track moment.”

This Week's Index: You’re feeling like Dennis Kucinich — your job’s yanked out from under you and that alien still hasn’t returned your e-mail.

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