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Garbage Out
: Cleveland agrees to pay $200K for a second consultant to guide the way on trash-to-power plans after firing its $1.5 million consultant last month. The city is no closer to having a trash plant, but its consultant-recycling initiatives are earning praise in sustainability circles.

Dash of Peppers: The Red Hot Chili Peppers agree to host a free concert for Barack Obama Sunday at House of Blues. Observers predict the gesture could lock up Ohio for Obama, in terms of voters who huff household cleaning products and wear socks on their wieners.

Strung Out on Hartz: An Akron woman is charged with running an animal clinic that had no actual doctors, in order to support her drug habit. On the plus side: She’s still heartworm-free, and her flea problem is getting better.

This Week's Index
: As if Cleveland couldn't get any older, Rod Stewart just arrived with his entourage.

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