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One and a Half Jobs: After sister paper cuts back to publishing three days a week, Plain Dealer staffers worry similar fate awaits in Cleveland. Michael McIntyre surprised when a caller to “The Sound of Ideas” informs him that’s not already the case.

No, The Other Sheen: Martin Sheen campaigns for Sherrod Brown, lending President Bartlet’s support for the Senator’s re-election push. Josh Mandel last seen asking Emilio Estevez to autograph his Mighty Ducks pajamas.

Depends What You Mean By ‘Soon’: ODOT says delays for the second half of the Inner Belt Bridge project won’t be as long as first expected. Completion now expected sometime between Holy Hell and That’s Still Not Done Yet?

This Week's Index: You're doing your part to celebrate the West Side Market's centennial by eating four pounds of smokies.

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