The "Say Nice Things About Cleveland" Campaign

Say nice things about Cleveland? Um, the sky is really blue?
  • Say nice things about Cleveland? Um, the sky is really blue?

George Witherspoon’s heard enough badmouthing of Cleveland — and he’s fighting back, one trinket at a time. The Cleveland Heights native is handing out buttons that read “Say Nice Things About Cleveland.”
“I just had the thought that I don’t want to sit around and let anyone walk across the image of Cleveland with dirty boots anymore,” he says.

Witherspoon showed up at City Hall last week when Drew Carey addressed councilmembers. A small crowd gathered around him as he distributed his wares.

Witherspoon is confident that a grassroots revolution for the region’s battered psyche is in store.

“Something can start up on a small scale and people can pick up on it, and they can get the same enthusiasm as the originator, and eventually we’ve got a movement going,” he says. “If that’s born from me getting 100 pins printed, then it’s worth the effort. If it looks like it’s working, I’ll go out and get another 100 pins next week.”

And if it’s not working, Witherspoon will take a crack at his “Cleveland Can Suck It” buttons.

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