The Whims of Kucinich

The Creepy Elf announces he'll once again be wasting millions of your money
Dennis Kucinich obviously didn't put a lot of thought into his second presidential vanity campaign. In this New York Times article, Kucinich is portrayed as a dude who is running on a whim. In fact, it appears Kucinich didn't even bother to tell his new wife ...
Mr. Kucinich's wife, Elizabeth Harper, who was seated next to him, arched her eyebrows in apparent surprise.
Or his press secretary ...
Asked if he had told anyone this yet, Mr. Kucinich said no. "You just happened to ask," he said. Then he walked out of his office and informed his press aide.
What The New York Times neglects to point out in this cute little story is that Kucinich will once again waste millions in taxpayer money in the form of federal campaign matching funds. In his last vanity crusade, he spent $2.4 million of your money. Memo to Kucinich: This joke wasn't funny the first time. — Kevin Hoffman

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