There Oughta Be a Law

Letters published November 16, 2005

The Eastlake Stadium curse strikes again: When public officials stonewall, as they did when Scene inquired about the transit facility at the Eastlake stadium, you can be sure they have something to hide [First Punch, November 2]. We need a law that results in the termination of any public official who fails to answer a question.

As mentioned in the article, Eastlake will receive about $4 million for a "transit intermodal facility" from the highway bill, but Eastlake's mayor has said that these funds will really be used to retire stadium debt. Isn't it illegal to divert funds?

Eastlake's stadium does have a small waiting room and parking lot for Laketran bus riders, but these facilities could not cost $4 million and should not be used as a stadium subsidy. The waiting room has a few benches, and on a recent Wednesday morning, there were 41 cars in the parking lot after the buses left for downtown. Any funds received for the waiting room and parking lot should be no more than the cost of similar facilities at any other commercial location.

I ask again, isn't a crime being committed here? How do we get basic honesty from public officials?

Michael McFeely

Fan Mail
TIPS story topsy-turvey:
I am getting really tired of all the lies you're printing. I was a teacher at The International Prep School, and I found it to be a really great alternative for parents ["Dream Killer," July 27]. I have worked at other schools, and TIPS serves students just as well as they do, if not better. I read your articles and letters that try and "prove" its unworthiness, but don't you find it funny that in one, the teacher didn't even see the guards hitting anybody, but you printed that in the headline?

TIPS, like any new school, may have encountered a few bumps in the road. But they will make it a grand school because of all of the dedicated students and caring teachers. Why don't you actually do your research next time, before you ruin reputations?

You are just a business printing lies to gain popularity among readers.

Ashley Szewczyk

Hacked Off
Somebody's PC may not be so PC:
I am responding to your article "Knocking the Vote" [October 19]. Right after the election of 2004, I asked my son whether he thought that the vote could be hacked. He works in computers, and I thought he might have a knowledgeable answer. Without any hesitation, he said, "Yes, of course they can be hacked."

What can be done about what is happening in our country? You mention the word "Republican," and all you can think of is fraud. From Tom DeLay right on up to Scooter Libby and Karl Rove, and Cheney and Bush lying about the WMD.

Our country is going down the tubes fast. Thanks for a great article!

Marcia Bracciano
Monroe, Michigan

Defending the Ledges
They're not all drinkers and druggies:
Jared Klaus' article, "Finding Neverland" [November 2], is very one-sided. Yes, parts of the article are true, but what rock concert can you attend today where there are no drugs?

Nelson Ledges is a beautiful outdoor venue. There are no more drugs there than in your local high school. Klaus portrays it as a place where only druggies hang out. I myself do not drink or do drugs, and am offended that it has been labeled as such.

Evan Kelley does everything in his power to keep it a safe and fun place to see some really great bands. Security does a search on all vehicles. They can't find everything. It's a shame that a magazine that he advertises in chooses to print such a one-sided view.

When did Scene magazine start becoming "investigative"? I personally liked the old Scene, which let everyone know where the happening places were.

Doreen Bates

Positive energy pervades the place: What a crock of shit. Your story is totally one-sided and points out only some of the negative things, which rarely happen at Nelson Ledges (some of which were obviously fabricated). It's a place based on positive energy, love, and respect, which you obviously have none of.

I once supported Scene magazine very much, but from now on will be getting my information from the Free Times! You guys lost most of your readers when you stopped focusing on the local music scene anyway. Jared, way to fit the mold of a typical sleazy reporter!

Andy Shepherd
Cuyahoga Falls

Today, it's a cleaned-up family paradise: After reading your article about Nelson Ledges, I found myself angered at the blatantly twisted and exaggerated story you chose to print. Nelson Ledges might be many things, but a "high school lock-in overtaken by anarchy" it is not.

It seems that the writer, Jared Klaus, came to the park with his story already in mind. In my opinion, this kind of investigative reporting is a sham. Evan Kelley and his family work very hard to maintain a wonderful vibe at Nelson for the whole family to enjoy. He has cleaned up the campground once infested with drugs and motorcycle gangs, and made it what it is today, a paradise.

Many of the festivals and concerts held at the campground raise money for the International Rett Syndrome Association and other charitable causes. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Lynne Higgins
Mayfield Village

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