There's a Chronic Tanning Booth Urinator in North Olmsted

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Soleil Tanning and Salon in North Olmsted has been dealing with an unusual situation. A woman, who has thus far not been identified, comes into the establishment, uses the stand-up tanning booth, and urinates in it.

Yes. You read that correctly. It's happened on at least four occasions, as documented by employees — September 20, 21, 24, and October 18. Staff even has a note on the customers file that reminds employees to check the booth before she hops in and after she exits to check for pee.

Soleil turned whatever evidence they have over to police, and prosecutors are deciding what, if any, charges they can file against the chronic urinator. This is the sort of yellow journalism we love.

Cops read the suspect her rights, and here's what she had to say:

Via NewsNet5:

"The customer stated she had been tanning there for four years and has never had a problem. The customer stated she had never urinated in any booths and knows the salon has a restroom and would use the restroom when needed," stated the officer in the police report.

This has been today's reminder that people are awful.

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