This Comically Huge Roll of Ohio Toilet Paper Could Soon Be Yours

click to enlarge Perfect for life's big messes. - Craigslist
Perfect for life's big messes.
For anyone headed to Toledo this weekend, there's one awe-inspiring Craigslist item you'll probably want to know about. A Toledo man is giving away "comically large rolls of toilet paper." Provide a vehicle larger than a Jeep Liberty, and the 3,5000 pound rolls (so large they fit on one pallet each) can be yours.

According to the post, the man works for a company that is about to throw away six rolls of Paul Bunyan's toilet paper, and he doesn't want to see it all go to waste. Here are some of the reasons the poster suggests one may be in need of lifetime supply of toilet paper:
- need to do a weird project (no judgement)
- have/are "that relative" who is "a hoarder"
- have a thing for obscenely large rolls of toilet paper
- want to do an art installation
- have extra room in your barn that you've been thinking
-"Gee, that would be the perfect spot for a gigantic roll of toilet paper!"
- don't have furniture but enjoy the plushness of a pile of two-ply
- need an oversized item for an object lesson in a government class to illustrate "the state of things"
- recently ate at Chipotle
- need to wipe stuff off the fan
- don't feel like couponing but need to bulk up the stash in the bunker everyone thought you were "crazy" for building
- need to soak up the lake/pond/river in your backyard
- need to clean up a large mess... of stuff... because of reasons...
- need a ton of animal bedding (pun intended)
- just want a conversation piece for the living room
- feel compelled to answer the question, "How much toilet paper is TOO much toilet paper?"
- have a massive cleanup job that one ply just won't be able to handle 
The post's author also suggests that interested parties could use the roll(s) to "mummify a family member, build a huge bonfire" or "make a giant spit ball to launch with a catapult."

The possibilities are endless, especially for those who own a forklift.

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