This Festival Brought to you by Anthony Allega Cement?

The Blossom Time Festival in Chagrin Falls last weekend was filled with all the comforting signs of summer: funnel cake, ferris wheel, greasy pizza, $2 bottled water. On Saturday night, despite the rain, hordes of teenyboppers swarmed through the mud, trying not to trip on electrical cords as they wandered from the dart booth to the lemonade stand. All was peaceful and serene, as long as you didn’t look too hard at the sponsorship signs. For it appeared that the company bringing you The Scrambler and other beloved children’s rides was none other than Anthony Allega Cement Contractor. This is the company that, after allegedly participating in a massive front company scam at Hopkins airport [“Black on Black Crime, February 21] has now been barred indefinitely from all public work in Cleveland. Clearly, the company is trying hard to win back its good name. Cotton candy, anyone? – Lisa Rab
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