This Ohio Native's Obituary is Tremendous

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"The world's greatest man passed away" on Tuesday. John Judy's obituary, which ran in The Oregonian today, paints a picture of a beloved man and heroic dragon slayer.

Born in Columbia Station in 1969, Judy went on to live an amazing life. In fact, according to the death notice, the very moment of his birth inspired Iggy Pop's "1969."

Here's a bit more about Judy, quoted from his obituary:

He went off to college in Ashland where he formalized his education in ancient aliens and lover to all women. After college, he set off on his sailboat for a journey to be forever known as "Noah's Ark in reverse" where he endeavored to eat one of every animal. His only regret in life is that he was not able to complete this task. John became known on the sea as a romantic captain and he married many happy couples in international waters. He also was known for his heroic efforts. For example, he came across a beautiful woman in a raft who was in the need of a paddle and he built her one in a matter of minutes. But like all great things, John's time on the sea came to an end.

Do read the rest of this account of Judy's life.

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