This Redditor Would Like to Find and Thank a Lakewood Good Samaritan

The headline basically gets you all the intro you need for this. Northeast Ohio is full of good people. Via Reddit:
About 10 days ago I was visiting a friend in Lakewood and while my car was parked on lake avenue a drunk driver hit my car. No major damage but it would have been expensive for me to get repaired had a bystander not called Lakewood police and reported it. The Lakewood police were awesome when dealing with me and this dude that reported it is awesome as well. I have a few hand made things for you if I can ever track you down as a thank you. I do some woodworking and was going to send you a few of my smaller pieces. If anyone can help me thank this good doer please let me know.
There you have it. If you're that person or know that person, there's some fine woodworking in your future. 
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