This Week in Ohio Man: Shooting Farmhands That Look Like Groundhogs

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A groundhog is not a farmhand.
  • A groundhog is not a farmhand.

Ohio Man sure seems to keep himself busy. Here, we parse through the headlines for Ohio Man's best and worst as he continues his campaign to unseat Florida Man as the king of internet weirdness.

This week:

Ohio Man shot and killed one of his farmhands; he thought she was a groundhog, but she was really a person laying in some tall grass. (10TV)

Ohio Man got out of prison this week, even though no one ever made him serve his 13-year sentence. According to the Associated Press, he waited and even asked about going to prison, but the order never came. (Fox News)

Ohio Man was ordered to pay nearly $500,000 because he made a fake distress call, alerting the U.S. Coast Guard and other authorities to a fishing boat firing up flares, which did not exist. The search lasted 21 hours, and even Canada got involved. (Reuters)

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