Thoughts on Race, Rednecks, and the Liberal Media

How unfortunate it is that people like Mr. Djukich [Letters, July 18, fourth item] continue to give Parma a bad name. Either he was absent from history classes or unable to retain its lessons. Number one: Racial injustice is racial injustice. Period. No one, black or white, deserves ill treatment. It just so happens that the lowlights of the past 400 years brought innumerable horrific acts against African Americans, most of which were never reported. Number two: I am no fan of Rodney King, but I was unlucky enough to have seen the unedited version of the footage, very soon after the beating occurred. I am now trying to picture Mr. Djukich lying perfectly still for eight minutes, while grown men try breaking every bone in his body. Referring to King as a “gorilla” only confirms that the racist tone of your letter was in fact written by one. Number three: Your comparison of Pete Rose and O.J. Simpson underscores your hatred. Any murderer with enough money could have walked out of that courtroom. It wasn’t black or white that freed O.J. -- it was green. Please refer to Klaus von Bulow and Robert Blake. I am tired of trying to continually explain Clevelanders like you to outsiders. Shame on you for being such a dullard. It isn’t the “liberal media” that causes problems in this country -- it’s people like you, spewing and perpetuating hate. Jet magazine published the picture of 14-year-old Emmett Till shot, mutilated and tortured beyond recognition. It was the grown white men who created this “problem.” And the liberal media didn’t chain and drag James Bird from the back of a truck until his head was ripped from his body. This “problem ” was created by white men. The “liberal media” did, however, publish your racist comments. I just don’t know what of all this sickens me most. Lynn Taylor Cleveland

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