Three Years Ago Today Someone Stole Austin Carr's Banner From the Rafters of the Q

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Three Years Ago Today Someone Stole Austin Carr's Banner From the Rafters of the Q
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Three years ago today, sometime either during or after the WWE's filming of Monday Night Raw at Quicken Loans Arena, someone made their way through the catwalks in the upper reaches of the Q without being noticed, removed the ceremonial banner celebrating Austin Carr's retired number, and absconded with the memorabilia without being caught.

What's more, the person or persons responsible for the audacious heist have managed to go three years since that day without being identified. There haven't been any, as far as Scene can tell, stray online pics, posts, tweets or comments that suggest anyone has any idea who the culprits are, let alone anyone claiming firsthand possession of the artifact.

It's a stunning clean break for the thieves, and one of the few most interesting unsolved mysteries of Cleveland sports — the identities of the couple allegedly caught having sex in the upper deck of Progressive Field during a game is another, while we're on that topic.

We're endlessly fascinated with Le Affair de Carr and have long wondered if there'd been any developments or tips since that daring night three years ago, so, because we're dutiful reporters, we reached out to Cavs owner Dan Gilbert and team spokesperson Tad Carper. To our utter shock, neither one returned our messages.

But the hunt's not done. If you or someone you know has any information, we'd love to hear it — get in touch.

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