Tic-Tac Toe-Tag: Skills games slot machines ousted

Ohio’s slot machine parlors (D’Oh! That’s “skill-games” parlors) were finally read their last rites today, when Governor Ted Strickland signed into law a bill that banned the controversial arcade games, which crept into Ohio a few years ago thanks to a gaping loophole in the gambling statute. As a disclaimer, C-Notes has no problem with gambling. In fact, as a general rule, anything that deals with strippers, slot machines, or high-grade marijuana we’re pretty much all in favor of. But these games weren’t like normal slot machines; they were cheats, with pay-outs several times lower than machines like the ones in Las Vegas and Niagara Falls. That’s sort of like when some older kids sold this blogger some oregano in the 9th grade, claiming it was Northern Lights genetically bred with Dominoes Pizza. Not cool, dudes! Now that Strickland’s signed the bill, the ban goes into effect immediately. You know what that means Cleveland. Fill up the tank. We’re going back to New York! -- Jared Klaus
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