Today in Fake Medical Conditions: Financial Cyberchondria

Honey, the Smiths just bought a new scooter with big rims. Get your credit card, were going shopping.
  • "Honey, the Smiths just bought a new scooter with big rims. Get your credit card, we're going shopping."

Social media is really only good for three things: 1) Voyeuristic glimpses into your friends' lives to see how much better you're doing than them. 2) Egotistical bragging so that your friends know you're doing better than them. 3) Finding really rad pictures of corgis.

Checking in on FourSquare is merely a way for someone to prove to you they're not eating donuts naked on the couch by themselves. Baby pictures? Just proof that their genitals work. It's all vanity. Unless it's sharing corgi pictures.

Anyway, a doc at the Cleveland Clinic talked to Fox Business and expounded on that very common phenomenon while introducing us to a new trendy disease: financial cyberchondria. Basically, we want to be just as popular as our friends, so we go and spend money at places to prove that we're popular. It's not so much a disease per se as an unhealthy financial philosophy, but boring two-paragraph reminders that you should be smart with your cash don't get you interviewed by Fox Business. New diseases do. Especially if they involve social media.

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