Today’s Sign That We’re All F*[email protected]: Pfizer releases pill for disease that may not exist

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According to the New York Times, the average patient suffering from fibromyalgia is Don Rickles.
To all sufferers of the mysterious disease fibromyalgia, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that a drug has just been approved for the disease. The bad news: It may not be a disease at all. Or is that the good news? Wait, what the hell’s going on? As reported in today’s New York Times, the FDA has approved Lyrica, a pill that combats pain associated with fibromyalgia. But many doctors insist that fibromyalgia is either a psychosomatic condition, or simply whiners complaining about pain natural to the human existence: "As diagnosed,” writes reporter Alex Berenson, “fibromyalgia primarily affects middle-aged women and is characterized by chronic, widespread pain of unknown origin.” In other words, doctors have no idea what it is—and for that matter, how Lyrica helps defeat it. The side effects, however—swelling, dizziness, sleepiness, and weight gain—are undoubtedly real. “The potential for weight gain is a special concern,” writes Berenson, “because many fibromyalgia patients are already overweight: the average fibromyalgia patient in the 2007 survey reported weighing 180 pounds and standing 5 feet 4 inches.” Whoa, New York Times, you can’t just sneak a tidbit like that in at the end. Are you saying the the average fibromyalgia sufferer has the dimensions of Don Rickles? Think maybe there’s a connection there? -- Gus Garcia-Roberts
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