Top CBD Gummies On The Market Today

CBD gummies and the best CBD oil have become one of the most popular cannabis products across all 50 states.

With the legalization of CBD from the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD gummies quickly became a prominent choice for traditional cannabis fans and newcomers alike. Citing that it’s the most intuitive compared to smoking for those who don’t traditionally take cannabis, gummies rose to be a quick, easy, and efficient delivery of getting the CBD you need. Already gaining steam amongst legal and medical marijuana states, gummies are now in practically every corner store and glass shop across the United States.

As the story goes when something becomes legalized, opportunists have swarmed in to try and take up market space in CBD, forgoing any dedication to quality or using good ingredients. This has led to a lot of independent brands to lead taking the reigns in innovation, product assurance, and even customer service. To help you get hip to who’s the best in the industry right now, we decided to put together the best CBD gummies on the market today. Check them out below:

Verma Farms

Perhaps one of the strongest names in CBD out, Verma Farms is always at the forefront of the industry. Quite frankly, it’s easy to see why. Coming in with a strong variety of flavors, Verma Farms also hits the important marks in other aspects of quality CBD gummies as well, including sourcing for quality that’s offered in honest dosages across the board. Beyond just the overall regular marks a CBD brand should hit, there are certain qualities that make Verma Farms exceptional.

The biggest that sticks out to us about Verma Farms is the level of quality that goes into the details. Hitting all the standards for flavor (for example, Tropical Cherry, Sugar-Free, Worms, and Bears), they also set a certain level of quality amongst candy in general. Quite simply, you don’t feel like you’re going to need a sugar-crash nap, but rather that you’re in the mood to get your day going on coast-mode. Made by those that really understand the details of a great CBD product, Verma Farms has had a steady presence in the game for a minute, and it’s easy to see why.

Royal CBD

The thing we love about Royal CBD is how authentic they are to their name. Putting their focus on dosages, their gummies come in 10mg and 25mg at $54 and $79. Sourcing from natural ingredients, the flavor of Royal’s gummies is smooth and balanced, not hitting the tongue with much tang but rather a genuine sweetness. As for their brand’s reputation, Royal knows how to keep it authentic to its name.

Sourcing from organic farms, their full-spectrum CBD is top-notch. Coming in with a strong presence, they’ve been praised by an array of noteworthy publications including CNN, Yahoo!, Forbes, High Times, and The Huffington Post. Utilizing a no-chemical extraction process, Royal has a knack for giving their customers the best experience possible, time-and-time again, with this latest iteration if their gummies coming in as an excellent option for the seasoned CBD fan or CBD newbie alike.

Charlotte’s Web

Hands down one of our favorites for CBD gummy curation, Charlotte’s Web selection is truly an example of what a well-designed lineup based on lifestyle looks like. Simplifying their buying process by offering the straightforward options of Sleep, Recovery, and Calm, their 10mg pieces are some of the best value on the market, including over 60 pieces. At $44.99, that’s practically a steal. However, for a brand like Charlotte’s Web, don’t think they skimped on quality.

If you’re not familiar with the story behind Charlotte’s Web name, it’s not the childhood tale of Wilbur the pig and Charlotte the spider you might be thinking of. No, Charlotte’s Web namesake actually is rooted in an integral part of CBD culture as one of the first CBD-heavy strains, deriving its title from the story of Charlotte Figi, who was administered the drug for epileptic seizures that were later reduced. Believers in CBD love pointing to this tale as a strong case study, and to name yourself after such a flagship part of the culture speaks volumes about what Charlotte’s Web as a brand needs to live up to. So far, they’ve managed to do it time and time again.


A well-trusted name in CBD, Fab CBD definitely knows where it’s at when it comes to CBD gummies. Containing a liberal 25mg of isolate per gummy, these fruit-flavored chews are some of the best we’ve seen for both value (30 servings for $59), as well as flavor profile and texture. Honestly, we love eating these on their own as gummies independently, and if it wasn’t for the CBD, would probably crush a whole bottle in one sitting (bad, we know). High quality isn’t the exception to Fab though, it’s honestly the rule.

What we love about Fab’s CBD is how much effort they put into each and every selection they offer. Taking a holistic approach to their brand, Fab CBD has a mission-focused on both what they give and take, donating their profits regularly to organizations like the Make-A-Wish and 3 Wishes. Having a focus on community, Fab CBD delivers an exceptional experience that others in the industry don’t always come up close to matching. However, for them, it’s ingrained in a lot of their daily impact.


One of the most popular names in CBD, Kushly keeps it proper with its offering of CBD gummies. Although coming in at a higher price point of $79.99, Kushly’s CBD gummies are not only an unapologetically fun candy to eat, but comes in at a healthy blend of value and quality. Hosting 750mg in total, Kushly’s CBD gummies come in a 25 count which puts them in the range of a decent amount of reasonably dosed gummies. Utilizing primarily organic ingredients, there’s not a lot to complain about when it comes to this brand.

As a brand that uses an isolate, Kushly keeps it surprisingly effective with how you feel after taking it. Both in the sense that they try to have their ingredients be pretty straightforward, as well as in how they minimize the steps in their extraction process. Developing themselves to be a premier name in the industry, Kushly is well on their way to becoming a more well-known company across the nation, especially for how great it is as an experienced product for CBD fans.

Not Pot

Looking into a company like Not Pot, there are two things that come off about them. The first is that they make CBD as their primary product. The second is they’re really good at making CBD, with gummies as their preferred delivery method. Coming in with delicious, rich flavors in comfortable to eat disks, Not Pot is as pure as they come. One of our favorite brands to come out in the past year, Not Pot is a force to be reckoned with.

The biggest thing we love about Not Pot is the community they’ve built around themselves. Essentially, the Not Pot fam cares quite a bit about what they leave, not on what they take. Furthermore, this is a team that knows how much the devil is the details, with their entire experience relaying quality from website to first bite. We can’t say enough about Not Pot, coming in as a strong container for one of the best varieties of CBD gummies in 2020.


Although not incredibly flashy with their branding, CBDistillery keeps it authentic with their quality, offering two different gummies that are a sleeper pick for being some of the best on the market today. With CBDistillery, their gummies come in Nighttime or Daytime, which are 30mg in a 25 count. Their Nighttime variety contains melatonin, which has been suggested to help as a sleep aid. Plus, with consistency for using pure ingredients, CBDistillery is a favorite for its ability to make CBD that the industry loves.

As an isolate brand, CBDDistillery’s CBD comes out to keep a feeling that many have lauded. Coming in with a daytime and nighttime combo pack at $90.00, the value is straight to the point, giving everyone a little something on when and how to take their CBD. Showing a side of their brand that exemplifies inclusion, CBDistillery is all about wholesome ingredients and whole value out of the product you’re getting for the price. Give them a shot if you’re looking for a brand that’s designed for any and all into CBD.


A popular brand in CBD, CBDfx’s gummies have one of the better varieties on the market, especially for the quality. Including creative offerings like Tumeric and Spirulina, Apple Cider Vinegar, and even Multivitamins, we applaud CBDfx for coming in with the strongest lineup of different executions we’ve seen out of a brand. Breathing new life into what could be from CBD gummies, CBDfx is really out to compete with this latest lineup, and quite frankly, they could end up as a top performer in 2020, easily.

Coming in at $49.99 across the board, their gummies are all consistently at 300mg as well. Rather than trying to charge a premium for gimmicks, CBDfx keeps it honest with the experience for these, designed to be a favorite amongst fans. Plus, with a potent, juicy bite per gummy, we love what CBDfx is all about. Easily one of the health-forward in their thinking of what a gummy could be, CBDfx has absolutely won our hearts with their innovation for craft.

Kats Botanicals

The biggest bang for your buck comes from Kats Botanicals, hands down. Starting at $15.99, these candies are some of the most delicious we’ve come across. With every pack containing 10 gummies of 10mg each, Kats Botanicals offers a steal per piece compared to a lot of other brands on the market. Coming in the flavors Watermelon and Blue Raspberry, Kats Botanicals doesn’t hold back on trying to win over with accessibility.

With such affordable pricing, the biggest consideration of Kats Botanicals you should be mindful of is what the quality is like. While the candy is delicious, it does contain corn syrup and real sugar rather than organic ingredients. Despite this limitation, however, they still put a lot of love into their product. The result? Offering the best CBD gummies that will last against the market for a long time.

A Note About Taking CBD

As CBD is still in its infancy, there’s still a lot we’re trying to learn about it. Accordingly, it’s wise to get the opinion of a medical professional before you start diving in, learning if it could possibly interact with any previous medical conditions or react in any way to medications. For those that do love CBD, it can be a wonderful experience, but it’s also something to take at your own pace.

With your doctor’s approval, we recommend starting slow on your best CBD gummies journey. Take some of the brands above and see which ones have a dosage you feel comfortable with, as well as which type of experience you’re aiming to have. Trusting who you’ll be getting your CBD from is a must for genuinely developing an appreciation for it, which is why you should be patient in your process. Ultimately, once you find that CBD gummy that’s perfect for you, it’ll be a treat you never knew could even exist.
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