Tracy Morgan's Mom Goes Public with Family Fight

Not so funny stuff.
  • Not so funny stuff.

“Life smacks Tracy Morgan in the face,” is how the SNL and 30 Rock funny man laid it out himself while sitting down with NPR’s Terry Gross in 2009 for a surprise kleenex-soaker of an interview upon the release of his hard knocks memoir, I Am the New Black. Barely damming the waterworks while Gross uncharacteristically fumbled around for responses, Morgan detailed his tough life growing up in Brooklyn, a situation that came to a dramatic climax when he chose to leave behind his mother and live with his recovering drug-addict dad.

“It was a terrible situation, and it wasn’t my mother’s fault. Something just went off in me and I just went off,” he said at the time referring to the decision to leave. “I heard my mother cry, and it just broke me down. I never meant to hurt my mother.”

Whatever exorcism Morgan got from taking his broken home situation public, the comedian is in for another round of media attention spotlighting his family life. Morgan’s mother, Alice Warden, a 61-year-old cancer survivor now living in Youngstown, has been making the media rounds recently, telling everyone from the New York Daily News to the Youngstown Vindicator about how her son won’t open his wallet to fend off an incoming foreclosure.

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