Trail of Broken Dreams

Letters published November 30, 2000

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Breaker with the Manimals and Aftershok Odeon, 1295 Old River Rd., the Flats 8 p.m., Saturday, November 25



A new road to follow: I am the youngest of the Lemieux clan, and I am writing about what was reported in your November 23 issue on American Indians. I understand the bitterness of my brother (a father of three) toward my father (a father of TWELVE) for his actions in a time and place where bigotry and racism were commonplace. The real emphasis should have been placed on the remarkable woman who managed to raise such a large family. She persevered through unimaginable adversities; she's the one who deserves recognition -- not a man whose dreams were destroyed by the conditions in which he was raised. I make no excuses for the man who called himself my father. But he showed me one way NOT to raise a child, which I think a lot of fathers today could benefit from. I've dedicated my life to actually raising my children. As much as I hate to admit it, it's a white man's world, but we must learn to survive here, before we can carry on our traditional ways. It's the same way with all other races; we're not alone. Our mother worked hard to make sure we had the tools to survive in the modern world. And it's up to us to make sure we're not a forgotten people from a bygone era.

Leroy Lemieux

Krishna chants and ballet rants: It just doesn't get any better than Scene, and I know it. My old buddy Hare Krishna has a book out, ya know?

I noticed that you folks ran a cover story on the Cleveland Ballet ["Danced to Death," November 2]. I guess that outfit up and moved to Texas [actually, San Jose], and maybe somebody cares about ballet there. I mention the various Buddhas of Southeast Asia.

I think quite a bit, and maybe that does me some good. I don't think anybody cares what I think about. I bet that nobody does ballet in Southeast Asia.

One more Hare Krishna for the road,

Dan Farmer
Fairview Park

The 11th Commandment? In response to the two letters from the morally righteous readers concerning abortion: The term "pro-abortion" is inaccurate, which is perhaps why you don't see it used often. The correct term is "pro-choice." The pro-choice people I know are not pro-abortion. We just believe it's a privacy issue, and the government has no business making that decision for voting, tax-paying women.

This is also a religious issue. While I would fight to the death for your right to have a different opinion from mine, I would also fight to the death so that you don't pass laws to impose your religion (or opinions) on me.

Lila McRainey
via the Internet

But how was the movie? I've always been amazed that the Cedar Lee theater has the audacity to charge full admission for their "screening room" with its television-sized screen. But now that disregard for the serious, paying filmgoer has gone even further -- they're selling tickets to an auditorium that is under construction! Thanksgiving night my buddy and I went to see Best In Show and found ONLY the back half of the theater accessible for seating, because the entire front half was torn out and filled with construction debris and mounds of trashbags! Isn't this some kind of art theater, sometimes? I don't think this kind of behavior helps people to see film as art at all, and it's certainly not a pleasant evening out at the movies. The state of customer concern and service in this country is frightening.

Terry Durst

We're stupid, we suck, yadda, yadda, yadda: My name is Edwin Carter, and I think that Hate Theory is a great band. How can you say that they "fall between '80s Metallica and '90s hardcore"? That's a quote. How can you guys label someone's music like that? You guys suck, and you have no idea what it is like to be on the bill and play for 40 minutes and still have people love your music. But you wouldn't know anything about that. You people in your swank offices and everything. "Cleveland Scene," humph, you guys suck. My cousin is the singer for Hate Theory, and he is good. No, he is better than that. He is great. If you want to write back or wax intellectual on this subject, then write back, but other than that, you guys don't know nothing about music. You only know what other people tell you. You look at the big names that have made it, but shit on the ones that are tryin' to come up in a dominant area of music.

Really pissed off,

Ed Carter

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