Transgender Student Sues Miami U. for Gender Discrimination

Kaeden Kass v. Miami University
  • Kaeden Kass v. Miami University

Like most fresh soil in the realm of civil rights, this here is wobbly ground. A transgender student down at Miami University has filed a discrimination complaint against the school. The filing basically tosses the administration out into the hot lights and forces them to make a decision — one that, unfortunately for Miami, is probably going to piss off some camp regardless of how they go.

Student Kaeden Kass wants to be a RA in a male dormitory, according to Newsnet5. No biggie — except Kass was born a female and now self-identifies as a male. Kaeden was assigned a female dorm, so he decided to file the civil rights suit charging housing discrimination.

The student says the school indicated they were just going by what was on Kass’ legal record (female), not with the chosen label herself (male). The report points out the school does offer gender neutral housing, which are usually delicate arrangements schools set up in order to keep at bay any actual confrontations over transgender student life. Kass is obviously rocking that balance — as is his right.

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