Travis Hafner Has Successfully Completed the Rare Reverse Jim Thome

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Travis Hafner's off-season weight loss was a popular gossip topic. Rumors of a skeleton Pronk abounded for awhile, but have mostly faded away not that Pronk seems to be acting like Pronk. If his weight loss enabled him to tinker with and speed up his swing, it's all for the best. It certainly doesn't seem to have effected his power stroke so far.

Still, it's quite stunning to look at Pronk now vs. the muscle-bound version we were all used to. It's like he pulled a reverse Jim Thome, who started out as a stick-thin farm boy and ended up a lumbering, thick beast.

Look at Pronk now. His helmet seems huge sitting upon his noggin. That is all. No substantive stuff here. Just weird to see skinny Travis again.

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