Tribe Assistant Clubhouse Manager, Budding Lego Artist


Assistant clubhouse manager Wayne Peltz should get some extra cash from the Indians for all the decorating he's doing.

According to the New York Times, the visiting clubhouse walls at Jacob's Field were decorated for years with baseball posters. Now, they're decorated by Peltz's personal Lego art creations. Yes, Peltz is making a little extra dough ($500 a piece) for playing with Legos. Color me jealous.

Seems he got the idea from Jamey Carroll, who used to do some hand-drawn works, and settled upon the Lego medium, which only worked in as a child, in a stroke of genius.

He charges $500 for a Lego portrait, though he says "some guys are more generous than that." Each portrait takes about 2,500 Legos and more than 20 hours to create. To get the likeness, he starts off drawing basic shapes and shades, then uses a computer to finish off the design.

Except for Feller, no other Indian has been immortalized in Legos, but Peltz is open to it. "It's my boss's clubhouse," Peltz says. "If he wanted the clubhouse done in Lego, I'd start working on it. I'd make Feller, [Rocky] Colavito, Satchel Paige, I could go down the line."

2500 Legos and 20 hours? Wow. That's gotta be worth more than $500, right?

As Peltz told the New York Times:

“It comes out to maybe $5 an hour, which is O.K., because you get to play with blocks.”

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