Tribe: When the *&#@ is Victor Martinez going to go yard?

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Will Victor ever go long again?
This morning's story about Victor Martinez’s lame hamstring has the same scent as the tales of Travis Hafner and Joe Borowski from the first two months of the season. It now follows a rote formula. Player A is not performing up to expectations. Organization B says nothing is wrong. Later, Organization fesses up that Player A is actually suffering from Condition C resulting in Performance D – D, of course, standing for depressing, disgusting, disastrous, and deserving of defenestration. Why the Tribe doesn’t just sit these guys when they first report their injuries is a mystery; who knows how Hafner or Martinez would be hitting had they taken time to rest when the injuries first arose? But the story today is Victor’s lack of power, which gives us a chance to handicap when the slugger light-hitting catcher will first manage to loft a pitched ball over the fence. ...
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