True Victims Don't Lie

Letters published May 31, 2006

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When a rape is not a rape: I don't know the child accused, but I do know that if you don't have the evidence to prove your case and the victims waited this long to accuse one person, I smell a fish ["Hush," May 17]. I am the mother of a daughter who was raped, and I'd personally kill the son of a bitch. Why would you even want to cover up what happened? True victims don't lie, don't cover up, and certainly don't hide. In some cases when it was a family member or husband, or there have been threats of an ongoing event, then yes, they may wait some time. In a college, you have many friends, dorms, and roommates. Trust me, if your child had been raped, she would tell someone close, and that person would get help right away, not wait.

If this letter strikes a nerve with anyone, good. I have been struggling for several years to forgive the man who raped my daughter. But there are those who are innocent. Please get your facts in order before you crucify an innocent person.

Tiny Salyers
Fort Myers, Florida

Top dog ran alone: I graduated with Carl from Meigs High School in 2005. Even in high school, you could tell there was something wrong with him. He thought he was top dog, but no one really liked him because of his cockiness and thinking he was better than everyone else. For as long I've known him, his father has handed him whatever he wanted. I'm sure there are more people out there that Carl has done this to, and they will probably come forward, once word of this gets around down here.

Donnie Whan

A modest proposal: I hope some of the guys at Defiance read this article. Maybe some of the guys with sisters at home will administer some "street justice."

Fred Kirsch

Rysar Ranting
Not all they're cracked up to be:
I own one of Rysar's homes ["Building the Ghetto of the Future," May 10], and it sucks.

My driveway is cracking. My porch is cracking. My vinyl siding has holes and cracks from when they installed the banisters. I believe my basement floor is lifting and cracking. My back screen door has been replaced twice.

The houses are built too fast and too cheaply. They have taken prefab $65,000 home kits and are selling them for $100,000 or more. Who will help our families when our homes are falling apart? I have signed a petition and haven't heard a word from anyone. I am a single mother of two, trying to raise a family, and, yes, it took everything I had to get my home. I didn't know it would fall apart after the first year.

Nichol Watson

Missed Out
Support your local rock bands:
I searched through Scene for the results of the Cleveland Music Fest. It's discouraging that there wasn't more coverage. This was an opportunity for a lot of local bands to get a little publicity. Unfortunately, the media totally ignored it.

There were 250 bands involved in the festival. Twenty-four were chosen to perform in front of a panel of judges. My band, Poultry in Motion, was one of the 24.

It is hard enough to break into the music business as it is, but when people are out there pouring their hearts into their music, there should be a little more enthusiasm poured in by the media.

Cleveland claims to be the birthplace of rock and roll. I believe that encouraging musicians to push their talents should be a big part of the message Cleveland should be sending out.

On June 14 there is another festival, the CMJ, which has already received more publicity than the CMF. Now I understand that these are bigger-name acts already established in the music business, and though it is great that this festival is being publicized, they are not looking for as big a break as the smaller local acts out here, struggling on a daily basis. I think you all should be ashamed of yourselves for your lack of support.

Lawrence A. Trupo
LaGrange Township

His Bad
Speak for yourself, Mayor:
I need to put out this fire inside of me. I am writing in response to Mayor Eric J. Brewer's blatant output on you guys [Letters, May 17]. Have you ever read such bullshit? It never ceases to amaze me how so many of you politicians can kiss so much ass that you never look up to see the truth.

I can commend you, however, that so much has changed since the times of slavery. African Americans such as you and I have somewhat overcome the obvious, yet we still have time to reflect on the ones who died and were held back to let the next generation take over.

But, my dear, as a politician and an "upstanding" African American, the only thing we have in common is that there is so much, so much to learn.

Even I have been called an "Oreo," a "sellout," and worse, an "Uncle Tomasina"! (From the feminist point of view.) But douchebag, the last thing we need from a mayor is a fucking history lesson on the terms. Do yourself and all of us a favor: Instead of praising a candidate for governor who's going to do nothing but sit on his lazy, hypocritical black ass, taxing the hell out of hard-working citizens in the state of Ohio like you and me, start paying attention to your city's education and crime.

For many African Americans, Uncle Tom Blackwell is a hypocrite. And Scene: I got your back!

Tiana Wilkins

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