Two Cleveland TV Stations Staked Out Johnny Manziel's Suburban House Yesterday TO GET ANSWERS, or Something

Johnny Manziel, as he is wont to do, has been in the news quite a bit lately. There are honest questions about whether he missed a team-mandated visit with a doctor last weekend and how he feels about LeBron James' marketing company dumping him. There are legitimate questions about his future with the Cleveland Browns and his approach to being a professional athlete. You could even say it's well within the rights of the media to want to know why he allegedly decided to visit Las Vegas in a disguise the same weekend of the Browns' last game of the season.

There's a time and place for all those questions — and they're probably not while in line at Heinen's — like in the locker room in Berea as the players cleared out for the season. Manziel was at the facility on Monday but didn't appear in the locker room or take questions.

Which is fine. That's well within his rights. There will come a day when he'll issue a statement or speak to reporters. We might want that to be sooner than later, but such is life.

Except if you're channels 19 or 5 in Cleveland. If you work for those TV stations, there will be no waiting. Instead, there will be visits to Manziel's house in Avon. There will be stakeouts. There will be awkward knocks on his door to confront him for ANSWERS, as if he was a wanted fugitive or facing arrest. MANZIEL WATCH CONTINUES HERE WITH NEWSNET5. Let's go to the videotape before we get to channel 5's counterparts at the former home of Action News.

Let's break this down. The first thing that sticks out? They didn't just go one day. They went back a second day. Two times. Twice. More than once. 

The second day was more fruitful than the first, according to Kristin Volk, who begins her report below by saying, "Something interesting happened today.We heard voices inside. Guys' voices."


"When I knocked, they got silent."

Holy hell. 

"When we got to the front door there was a sheet over the window."

That inconsiderate asshole wants some privacy. You show him he doesn't deserve that. Go get 'em.

"We knocked three times and rang the doorbell two."

Get 'em!

"No answer. I also left Johnny a voicemail and texted him."

Your friends must love you.

"Four hours later and no one has come out here."


Once again, holy hell.

And Channel 5 wasn't the only upstanding news organization in town that staked out a suburban house of a third-string quarterback who didn't do anything illegal. Channel 19 was also there.

It's rare local TV news coverage in Cleveland can set a new low, but it's been done. 

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Vince Grzegorek

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