Two Ghosts Have Sex In This Woman's House, or That's Just Some Weird Light, One of the Two


It's sweeps week, which means all the local TV news-gathering organizations and newsplexes are pumping out their most tawdry, scandalous material during the late-night broadcasts. 19 Action News had housewives who moonlight as ghost hunters. (!) WKYC had... um... we fell asleep a little just looking at headlines on their site, so we're not sure. (!!)

Fox 8, though, has everyone topped. The local ratings juggernaut scored the biggest score that a local news station can hope to score: a story that combines sex and ghosts. (!!!)

Above is a screengrab of the alleged ghost fornication. Yeah, we don't see it either. But Dianne Carlisle, the frustrated home owner who is sick of the spirits screwing right there in her home, says, "they are having sex, you can see the lady's high heeled shoes." Yes, um, sure.

Below, the full video treatment from Fox 8. Before you click play, just be sure your company won't fire you for watching ghost porn. Because that's totally what this is. Not weird light. Ghost sex.


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