Two Non-Cleveland Companies Battle it Out Over Use of "Believeland"

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click to enlarge Two Non-Cleveland Companies Battle it Out Over Use of "Believeland"
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"Believeland" has become a point of contention for two companies, neither of which are based in Ohio. Believeland Ltd., from Marietta, Georgia, is suing the organizers of the Believeland Beer Fest, who operate out of Chicago, over its use of the term, made popular by hopeful Cleveland sports fans.

Believeland Ltd., which sells t-shirts, stickers, and mugs emblazoned with the term, are accusing the beer festival of illegally using the word. According to the lawsuit, Believeland Ltd. claims that it owns the trademark over the use of "Believeland" on several different products and services.

In the lawsuit, the company asks that the Believeland Beer Festival, which is set to take place April 28, change its name. Not wanting to share any of that sweet, sweet merchandising profit either, the lawsuit also bars the festival from selling any items, such as t-shirts and foam fingers, that bear the word.

Nate Barnhart, the organizer of the festival, previously tried to trademark several "Believeland" related names, including one for the beer festival and a potential music festival. These applications were struck down by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, saying it was likely to be confused with the Believeland Ltd. owned trademarks.

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