U Mad, Bro?; Text Messages Show Youngstown Politicos Fighting Like High Schoolers

In this corner . . . Betras.
  • In this corner . . . Betras.

“Bring it b—— boy. Dead last in endorsement, dead last in race. U know y? Bc u r a LOSER.”

Nope, we didn't pull that off a 13-year-old student council candidate's Facebook wall, usually that kind of political joust occasions wittier take-downs. And no, this didn't come from the Scene comment section. It's actually a text message Mahoning County Democratic Party boss David Betras sent to a county commissioner candidate.

Political hopeful Richard Oz Ouzounian has been sparring with Betras via text since November. With all this political ammo on his SIM card, the candidate went public with the messages, according to the Vindicator, exposing a face-off that's about as mature as two idiots on the bus slapping “kick me” signs to each others' backs. Before we outline the ridiculousness, we'd like to sidetrack here for a Public Service Announcement: Keep in mind, these are grown-ass adults, with suit-and-tie jobs and responsibilities, probably a lawn to mow, probably a 401(K) to massage. Not to mention, positions in the public sector.

Now, what do you think “b——” is? Banana boy? Blotto? You guys are going to have to help us figure that part out . .

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