Uncle Tom's Last Stand

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Last week, new Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner revealed that Ken Blackwell went out with an $80,000 bang. Apparently, Blackwell felt his staff had done such an excellent job helping him supress the vote that he signed off on severences packages for 19 of his staffers, including mouthpiece Carlo LoParo. The $80,000 sum doesn't include the unemployment packages which at least three former Blackwell staffers have already applied for. You can see the break down of bonuses at Bradblog.com. LoParo defended the severance bonuses, stating that "the secretary felt taxpayers had been given outstanding service through the years, and it was within his prerogative to dispense. It's not unusual and not unprecedented in the private or public sector." But this is the same Ken Blackwell who constantly yapped about excessive government spending — while spending in his own office rose by 80 percent during his tenure. — Denise Grollmus
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