USA Today Picks 11 Things It Likes About Cleveland


USA Today's Pop Traveler just unveiled "11 Reasons to Visit Cleveland."

The list was actually written by a Clevelander, Big Business (or Chris M.), who claims he's "not a storyteller, humorist, columnist, musician, satirist, or radio personality."

At least he got some of the best things about Cleveland right, even is there are some glaring omissions, like no Melt or Great Lakes beer?

Many of the usual suspects show up, including the Beachland, West Side Market, and Big Fun. No arguments there.

And we're all for left-field picks like the Burning River Roller Girls and Chucklefck.

Still, when it comes to what Cleveland does best — that would be food and music — it would be nice to acknowledge a chef who actually gives a shit about vegetarians and an artist who has more talent for landing in jail than rhyming.

Here's the list, if you don't feel like reading the whole thing:

1. Michael Symon restaurants
2. Beachland Ballroom
3. The Christmas Story house
4. West Side Market
5. Big Fun
6. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
7. Cedar Lee Theatre
8. Burning River Roller Girls
9. Chucklefck comedy nights
10. Stadium Mustard
11. Machine Gun Kelly

The dude who wrote the thing also gave a shout-out to this cool art collection.

Your turn: What did the Pop Traveler leave off the list of your favorite things about Cleveland? —Michael Gallucci

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