Video: Machine Gun Kelly Shut Down at Microsoft Store Performance

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Former Scene cover boy Machine Gun Kelly is again in the news for his patented brand of tightly-laced mayhem. The fast rising rap star was invited to a Microsoft store in an Atlanta mall to perform. He did his thing, but the store management got upset and shut down the high-energy gymnastics. It's pretty ridiculous, and not MGK's fault. We're gonna have to echo the talking points of this write-up on Grantland: why would you invited MGK to your Microsoft store, and expect him not to be MGK? It doesn't even look like he's really turned his MGKness up to 11 here, just some table stompin' at the cost of a few laptops. But again, why would you invite MGK and not expect something like this? That's why you want MGK at your store, right?, so that the video evidence makes the internet rounds, eventually gets posted on a news blog in Ohio, finds some interested eyeballs, and the next time some Buckeye is orbiting through an Atlanta mall, they might actually check out said Microsoft store, no? Boom. Done. Cut that check.

MGK should probably just stay away from malls in general. Not his scene.

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