Video: OSU Fans Toss Seat Cushions After Kansas Loss

Lane violation my tush.
  • "Lane violation my tush."

Buckeye Nation suffered a hit on Saturday night, no news there. And we honestly were pretty bummed OSU went down after Kansas clawed back from a 9 point deficit at the half. But after the game, a certain faction of Buckeye Elite gave the school another black eye when they rained down fury from the heights of the Superdome – specifically, launching in disgust the complimentary tournament seat cushions after a questionable call on Aaron Craft. Of course, this isn't even in the same ballpark as flipping cars or setting fires. Written reports of the cushion storm painted different pictures, but as this video shows, it's a pretty continuous and annoying shower of foam. Not to say we told you so, but . . . we told you so . . .

On the flip side, some industry watchers postulate tickets for the championship match-up are cheap because OSU fans all packed up and headed home, so the Buckeye nation's absence in New Orleans may have a negative impact on the excitement surrounding the final.

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