Video: Rollerblading In Cleveland Is Intense

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I quit rollerblading some time in elementary school when I couldn't quite find the right balance between safety and not looking extremely ridiculous. The ill-fitting bike helmet and bulky plastic and elastic padding on every possible joint that my parents ordered me to wear was no fun to put on and it looked like I was suiting up to scale the Aggro Crag on Global Guts, but pulling gravel out of my wounds and trying to find an excuse to tell them why I wasn't wearing padding was even worse. I still don't understand how people in rollerblades are supposed to stop...

Anyway, a couple of cool videos were just uploaded online of rollerbladers in the area (who have figured out how to not wear parent-approved full body armor and not yet die) from last week and they are definitely worth checking out. This video, "Cleveland Blade Contest 2013," is is from Chenga Skatepark in Cleveland, and (according to the description) features riders Stefan Brandow, Phillip Moore, Jimmy Spetz, Avery Ungaro, Matt Lyon, Scott Hatton, Brandon Nguyen, Brent Hopkins, John Cooley, RJ Campbell, Long Tonthat, and Mike McAllise.

This recently-uploaded video is much more interesting to me because it shows people blading in uncontrolled environments not specifically designed for skateboards and rollerblades. It features people at scenes throughout Cleveland and Akron for something called "Battle My Crew", featuring riders Mike Gagliardi, James St. Ours, Travis Rhodes, Jimmy Spetz, Jorge Kozanas, Matt Miley, Ryan Sibbio, and Justin Fuelling.

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