Vote on "I Voted" Stickers Before It's Too Late (Updated)


Update: The "I [Ohio] Voting" sticker design is your winner, Ohio, so you better really [Ohio] voting. (We assume that means "love," but it could also be "Would probably hook up with if we were drunk and the girlfriend didn't find out." Either way.)

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted announced today this version received 38% of the vote (22,572 in all). Remember, atheists pushed hard for this one because there was no mention of God, so there are some happy atheists today. The Dayton Daily News reports Husted said: “While voting is serious business, selecting our state’s next “I Voted Today” sticker provided an outreach opportunity to get both younger and older Ohioans excited about the voting process. The Election Day sticker is worn as a badge of honor by many and I wanted Ohioans to have the chance to voice their opinion and help pick our new design.” He did not congratulate atheists on their victory.


There's a scant six days left until voting ends on Ohio's new "I Voted" stickers. No, no longer is the simple phrase that's adorned the chest of practicing Americans good enough anymore. Ohio wanted to shake things up, so six options were delivered to the public and a deadline set.

The option with the most support come end of voting on August 8 will be our new sticker. Democracy before democracy, we dig it.

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