Walk All Over Waterloo Presents New Exhibitions, Holiday Shopping Opportunities

In addition to Waterloo Arts’ DayGlo IV, December’s Walk All Over Waterloo includes a number of opening receptions for new exhibitions. Most events take place from 6 to 9 p.m. this Friday, Dec. 4.

Praxis Fiber Workshop presents Rust Never Sleeps, a cross-disciplinary show featuring garments by Krista Tomorowitz created using textiles altered by 13 local artists. Praxis provided local artists with fabric prepared with a rust print technique, inspired by Cleveland’s industrial past. The artists then responded to the fabric with color, and local artist Krista Tomorowitz transformed their artwork into garments. These garments will be displayed in Praxis’ gallery, as well as on live models during opening night.

"We wanted to highlight the uniquely collaborative nature of our arts district as well as see what local artists would do with a medium that may be new to them,” explains Praxis Executive Director Jessica Pinsky. “A tribute to our rust belt and the beautiful decay we see everyday is the visually unifying factor across all 13 garments. It was so exciting to see the dramatically different results from each artist and Krista responded brilliantly to each design. This exhibition will assist in showing the community the possibilities available in fiber art as well as showcase amazing talent and innovation."

Rust Never Sleeps includes work by Christi Birchfield, Rebecca Cross, Jason Frederick, Liz Maugans, Jessica Pinsky, Bellamy Printz, Royden Watson, Timothy Callaghan, Elizabeth Emery, Michael Loderstedt, Christian Mickovic, Katy Richards and Annmarie Suglio.

“The exhibition is titled Rust Never Sleeps, which directly connects to the abundance of corrosive elements Clevelanders experience each day,” explains Tomorowitz. “It also relates to the process of placing rusting artifacts on vinegar soaked silk, which leave their amber shadow behind. Each artist was given several yards of this fabric to respond to and I then created garments from these textiles. The silk was created at the workshop by notable North Collinwood artists using various dyeing and printing techniques. The artists worked side by side with Jessica and her staff to learn new fiber processes.”

Meanwhile, Loren Naji’s Satellite Gallery presents its latest round of installations by seven local artists. Participants include Falcon Eddie Cummins, Eli Gfell, Gguel Jefe, Ella Medicus, Tina Ripley, Anastasia Soboleva and Linda Zolten Wood. Artwork can be found within and around this unique venue – formerly a single-family home.

If you’re looking to do some holiday shopping, stop by the Native Cleveland Annex for the Cozy Up! Collective’s Show Five: The Golden One Year Anniversary Spectacular. Cozy Up was conceived by friends and co-workers Amber Esner and Phoebe Thomas while working together at Native Cleveland on Waterloo Road. Both talented illustrators, they utilized Native Cleveland’s Annex Gallery to present fun and inexpensive work by young, local artists and illustrators. Show Five includes work by two dozen participants.

“Cozy Up was born from the idea of bringing a broad spectrum of accessible art to Cleveland,” explains Thomas. “We started the collective not knowing what to expect and have been infinitely humbled by the success it has found, as it is completely reliant on the collaborative efforts of everyone who supports Cozy Up - whether it be by exhibiting in the shows or by simply showing up and having a good time. Show Five: The Golden One Year Anniversary Spectacular is a celebration of all the positive vibes and rad humans who have kept us motivated!"

Zygote’s INK House continues the festivities Friday evening with a Walk All Over Waterloo Holiday Sale from 6 to 8 p.m. Guests can make their own holiday card at the DIY printing station, enjoy a cup of hot cider and view the new editions being printed at INK House.

Keep shopping at Article during their Genuine Article Holiday Art Sale, featuring artwork by Article’s resident artists and a dozen local artists.

(Individual gallery hours may vary.)

(Praxis Fiber Workshop) 420 Waterloo Rd, praxisfiberworkshop.org
(Satellite Gallery) 442 E. 156th St., [email protected]
(Cozy Up! at Native Cleveland) 15813 Waterloo Rd., 216-383-5237, cozyupcollective.tumblr.com
(Article)15316 Waterloo Rd., artincleveland.com
(INK House)423 E. 156th St., 216-621-2900, zygotepress.com

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