Watch A Trailer For A Movie About Heroin Trafficking In Cleveland Created By A Major Dealer Just Indicted For Heroin Trafficking In Cleveland

Right: Maceo Moore, known as Chase, with props in his move The Game Aint For Everybody
  • Right: Maceo Moore, known as Chase, with "props" in his move "The Game Ain't For Everybody"

"Many of the defendants charged in this case, as you'll see in the indictment, were brazen, in fact, disturbingly even proud of their criminal exploits," said U.S. Attorney Stephen Dettelbach in last week's press conference announcing the largest ever heroin bust in Northeast Ohio. "Some boasted, some bragged, one even made a movie where he called his activities 'the game.' While some of these defendants may have publicly pretended to play glamorous movie roles, their real activities are nothing at all to be proud of, and are certainly no game."

That was the only mention of a movie created by one of the indicted drug traffickers in the press conference or the documents: the person and movie were not identified. But we did a little digging and found the trailer of the exact movie he was referring to.

Maceo Moore, 37, was one of the ringleaders of the 92 people swept up in the multi-year investigation into heroin trafficking in Cleveland (pages 15-18 of the indictment, below, has transcripts of a conversation Moore had with an undercover police over that describes a lot of what he did). We found he was also a rapper and actor.

Moore, known as "Chase" or "Paper," wrote and starred in "The Game Ain't For Everybody" in 2008 (its IMDB description: "When America's economy crashes, three individuals create their own underground economy. But what happens once the risk is no longer worth the reward? Step inside today's inner city"). The movie is shot in the actual location where the drug ring was based (East 117th Street and St. Clair in Cleveland), tells the story of activities that the drug ring is actually accused of doing, and uses both Moore's full legal name and street names in the movie. Here it is:

"Chase" also has several music videos online, all from about five years ago. Here's a video for his song "Out Tha Roof" featuring Cleveland rappers Chip The Ripper and Young Ray, shot at the same location:

Again, here's the full indictment:

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